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LDP, or the Leadership Development Program, is something that makes our Corps of Cadets at UNG unique. We are the only program that has this kind of preparatory program leading into Advanced camp the summer after your junior year. 

What to Expect

5 days a week of PT

In order to put you in the best possible shape leading to advanced camp, LDP cadets conduct PT 5 days a week.


Many cadets have never rucked before, so LDP teaches you how to ruck, and provides weekly training rucks in order to better prepare you for time in the field.

Tactical Training

LDP cadets are given an additional Lab Day on Wednesdays in order to learn and apply tactics in simulated combat environments. 


LDP is both a physically and mentally challenging experience designed to help you succeed. And while we can only do so much, we can provide you with resources to help with the tactics side of LDP.

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